White Paper #1

Donald J. Trump has failed the American worker. The economy has been ravaged. Unemployment is soaring. The Mr. Trump’s blundering response to the pandemic, which has claimed over 100,000 lives and counting, has disproportionately burdened workers of color. And in the midst a movement to upend systemic racial injustices in this country, Mr. Trump has been loud and clear that, to him, Black lives don’t matter. His racist and divisive rhetoric is emblematic of the systematic roll back of civil rights the American worker has faced under his Administration. Mr. Trump was elected President of United States of America in 2016 in part because of his promises that he would be supportive of American workers and their families. Workers in key battleground states accepted these promises and swung the election to Mr. Trump.

However, we have learned that Mr. Trump deceived American workers and demonstrated time and again that his Administration will side with corporations at the expense of working people.

In June of 2018, several labor and employment lawyers from around the United States met in Chicago, Illinois. All of these lawyers have dedicated their careers to representing workers rather than big corporations, their executives, and their political allies. Each of these lawyers is most knowledgeable about the legal and political developments that have adversely affected workers and their families every day since Mr. Trump came into office.

At that time, we are all agreed that we would band together, reach out to workers who have been deceived by Mr. Trump, and work together collectively to do all in our power to stem the strong tide of anti-worker executive, legislative, and judicial actions that have consistently occurred because the policies of the Trump administration.

Thus, the Stand Up for Workers Political Action Committee (“SU4W PAC”) was formed. This PAC was chartered in Washington, D.C. and registered with the Federal Elections Commission. It is what is known as a “hybrid” PAC, meaning a PAC that can endorse and contribute to candidates and engage in unlimited expenditures for political communications in support of American workers and their families.

One of the SU4W PAC’s primary goals is to replace anti-worker United States Senators with Senators who are committed to making the support of workers in this country one of their top priorities. Our PAC is actively engaged in the process of vetting United States senatorial candidates and we intend to support as many as seven (7) to eight (8) candidates. This vetting process is now underway and we will be announcing to the nation the U.S. Senate candidates we believe have earned and deserve our full support.

The United States Senate is one of our PAC’s priorities because the Senate is the body which must confirm presidential nominations to the federal courts and federal executive branch agencies. Mr. Trump has shown by his actions that he is committed to packing the federal courts—at all levels—with judges and Supreme Court justices who are motivated to favor large corporations, billionaires, and millionaires.

Before the advent of extreme polarization and divide, which we currently have in this country, there was a time when government leaders worked together for the best interest of our country. Workers and their families and unions were very much valued and the business community realized that their workers were the foundation of their businesses’ success. Now, this has radically changed. Workers are being systemically stripped, on a daily basis, of their legal rights and protections.

Perhaps the first battle of the government’s and big businesses’ anti-worker crusade was launched by the late United States Supreme Court Justice Louis Powell, who wrote a piece for the United States Chamber of Commerce before he was appointed to the Court. His article sounded the alarm and encouraged big business and the Chamber of Commerce to aggressively oppose and undermine workers in the United States. We are attaching herein for our readers, a copy of the article that the late Justice Powell wrote.

The SU4W PAC intends to present to the American public a series of articles that demonstrate how Mr. Trump and his appointees have consistently pitted their energies and resources against the interests of American workers. Please stay tuned. It should be interesting.

Read the Powell Memo